(Русский) Tashkent Universal Distribution

(Русский) успешно осуществляет свою деятельность в различных направлениях.
Проявляя лояльность и оказывая своим клиентам сервис на высшем уровне, мы непрерывно увеличиваем круг своих партнеров.
На сегодняшний день наша компания занимается решением различных вопросов в области производства, дистрибуции, экспорта, продвижения и поставки продуктов питания и работает в нескольких направлениях

(Русский) Deya

(Русский) кондитерская фабрика построена по современному европейскому стандарту при строительстве цехов и использовании импортного технологического оборудования, в основном итальянского и польского производства.

Современное оборудование и разработка технологии специалистами из Москвы, Украины и Польши дала возможность получать изделия высокого качества и в большом ассортименте.


(Русский) Компания KrcPack Ambalaj Sanayi Ticaret A.S.

(Русский) осуществляет производство гибкой однослойной и многослойной упаковки, готовых пакетов и мешков, на предприятии общей площадью 12.000 м² (крытая площадь 3.000 м², открытая 3.000 м²), оборудованном самыми современными высококачественными и высокотехнологичными оборудованиями с Германии и Японии.


(Русский) Eser Uluslararasi Nakliye ve TIC LTD. STi.

(Русский) Наша компания на рынке с 1994 года успешно оказывает транспортные услуги и услуги логистики широкому кругу клиентов.
Достигая больших успехов как в частных, так и в организационных перевозках, наша компания непрерывно расширяет свой транспортный парк. Сегодня на в наличии компании более 200 транспортных единиц.

Pek Makine Ltd. Sti., NEFAMAK, YGMak, MEMAK makina

We would like to introduce our company NEFAMAK as a solution partner for confectionery industry, specialized in manufacturing flat & hollow wafer production lines in Turkey, since 1989.

Our company serves all worldwide markets through providing complete solutions including the design, supply, installation and after sales services.

We can provide alternative solutions to our customers especially in design and manufacturing range to meet their requirements such as tailor made feeding/packaging solutions for many kind of confectionery products like, wafers, biscuits, chocolate bars and cakes, which is still rare in this industry.

With industry-specific experienced managers, highly qualified engineers employed at R&D, manufacturing and after sales departments, our goal is to be one of the leaders in worldwide markets by implementing high standards of machinery and offering “fit to purpose” solutions to our customers.

Moreover, a further important requirement for the long-term success of our company are our employees and their commitment to satisfy our customers.

We are completely at disposal of our customers all the time whenever and wherever they need our services.


YGMAK machine industry and trade limited liability company has been founded by mechanical engineer Rüstem YİĞİTER in 2011 in a workshop of 500 m2, since it was founded, the company has continued its activity growing by increasing acceleration in organized industrial zone in 2012 and it has moved to the new factory, which has 9000 m2 outdoor area and 2500 m2 indoor area, at the beginning of the 2014.

Serving in the biscuit and cake production equipment, our company has gained a well deserved reputation in the sector by getting famous in a short time. By year of 2016 we export to 12 countries so it is pride and joy of us. Increasing this number and designing more convenient, high-capacity and high-quality technology by supplying needed machines to operating companies in the world’s different regions is our main mission. The reason of our machines and our experience is preferred by the company is that the technology used, high-quality raw materials, quality workmanship and being familiar with the food production industry and our investigative mission. We provide capacity increase that companies need and labourer-saving majorly with the designed machines by keeping up with advancing technology.

We assume that we will be one of the movers and shakers by means of our specialist team in the field, and principle of quality for yourself, after sales full support and following the latest developments as happy customer policies of our company.


Perfection is not Memak’s goal, it is corporating cultures.
Always aiming to achieve the greatest, quality is never compromised from production to sal

1.Quality is not just a word; it is just not written, it has to be experienced and sustained…2.The problem can occur everywhere people are. Work dil

We are behind this quality.Every product produced by Memak is created with a professional team and the latest technological possibilities in the fie

Being Memeak is to be innovative and to offer solutions.Memak is continuing to implement the firsts in the sector with its investment in R & D stu

Aromsa A.Ş. from 1982 to present

Aromsa, through continuous investments has, in April 2014, bought it’s head quarters building at Gebze Industrial Zone, in addition to the four existing plants, thus expanding it’s covered area from 24.000 square meters to 37.000 square meters. The company, alongside its operations in Gebze, has acquired a production plant and a R&D Center in Germany in 2009 in order to continue its experiences in Europe.

Aromsa has embarked on the journey for EFMQ Perfection Model on January 19, 2012 in cooperation with KalDer, acquiring a “Competence in Perfection Certificate” the same year.

Aromsa has thus been awarded the 5 Star Certificate at the National Quality Awards ceremony in 2017.

Aromsa, while continuing it’s journey regarding the National Quality Movement, has applied to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to become an “R&D Center”, and following inspections, has been certified as an “R&D Center” as of March 25, 2013. All R&D work at Aromsa has been state-registered.

The new department of Aromsa, New Technologies and Investments, was founded in 2005. This department, where projects supported by Tübitak-Teydep are being handled, is responsible for longer term and process oriented R&D work.

(Русский) Turan Plastic

(Русский) Наш основатель и председатель Хасан Туран основана пластиковой упаковки компания “Туран” в 1988 году с предпринимательским духом, начинают жизнь с ПЭ (полиэтилена) производство канистру. В следующие несколько лет, с инвестициями в производство дробеметные машины, он быстро расширил свои возможности в области пищевой упаковки. К 1998 году он начал производить пластмассовые ведра, чаши и контейнер для пакетов с пластичным машинам впрыски, увеличивая свой ассортимент, делая инвестиции в области упаковки пищевых продуктов, а также в области ПП (полипропилен). В начале 2000-х годов начали использовать IML роботы в сфере печати и гигиенической продукции с производства автоматизации зона инновационных и технологических инвестиций в производство.

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